Quick 706W+ SMD Rework Station With Iron

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  • Separate switches allow individual operation.
  • Long lifetime heater.
  • Temperature adjustment by button, auto sleep/ OFF function available.
  • Digital temperature calibration, easy operation.
  • Compatible with various types of soldering iron tips and nozzles.
  • Brushless vortex fan, linear and wide range of air volume, suitable for various applications.
  • An automatic cooling system can prolong the lifetime of heating element and protect the hot air handle.
  • Precise temperature controlled by closed-loop sensor.
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  • (1) the use of imported snails brushless motor, long life, low noise, soft wind
  • (2) air guns equipped with sensitive sensors, used with that, that put stocks last
  • (3) the temperature and air volume step-less adjustable sensor closed-loop temperature control, temperature stability, free from the influence of wind
  • (4) small volume duplex design, occupies a small work table, especially for lead-free board demolition, repair welding
  • (5) This product is the original crack, a single digital, using a digital air gun, soldering iron by using rotating.
  • Iron Power consumption: 50W
  • Temperature range: 200–480 degrees
  • Air Gun Power consumption: 580W
  • Stream Type: straight wind
  • Gas flow rate: 10L/ min (maximum)
  • Temperature display mode: LED digital display (resolution 1 degree)
  • Temperature adjustment range: 100–450 degrees
  • Nozzles3mm 6mm 8.5mmm


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