Woksten 850A SMD Rework Station Station

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  • Inclusions: Solder Wire
  • Power Requirements: Corded, 270 W
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Tip: Conical, Steel
  • Maximum Temperature: 450 degree C
  • Pack of: 1
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850a Inverter Technology AC Best Quality Auto-Cut SMD Rework Station Rework Station Works Immediately when the Handle is Picked Up and Enters Estand by Mode when the Handle is Placed in the Holder, Temperatures and Air of Rework Station Continuously Adjusted by Buttons the Needs in Different Workplaces, Woksten 850a Inverter Technology AC is Facilitated with an Automatic Cooling Function. Desoldering Maintenance System Rework Station Desoldering Maintenance System Combined. by Rework Station. Power: 220V , 270W, Temperature: 200 Celsius System-450 Celsius System. Heating Element Porcelain Heating Element. Heat Air Gun Rework Station, Woksten 850a Inverter Technology AC Heat Air Gun.


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